J5 / #5 / Short Circuit Robot

Color Reference Previews
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http://www.thybox.net/3d-printables/j55shortcircuitrobot/cad-2.jpg http://www.thybox.net/3d-printables/j55shortcircuitrobot/cad1.jpg 
http://www.thybox.net/3d-printables/j55shortcircuitrobot/cad3.jpg http://www.thybox.net/3d-printables/j55shortcircuitrobot/cadFACE.jpg 

These are NOT by me. 
I have made these files available because I'm a big fan of this character and wish to share the files with others... with them, you can 3D print a nearly fully articulated Johnny 5 robot of your own.
(The printing scale can also be changed with little issue.) For those interested in the original files (and possibly updated versions of) they are located in the Facebook group at:


Use the pictures for parts placement references, and an approximation on what colors to print in; and/or what color to paint things after building it.

The primary parts can be glued (epoxy recommended) but there are also screw mount points for some parts.
Just remember to use larger or smaller screws, depending on how you scale the prints. 
Other parts may require short pins or pieces of wire for assembly. (feet / track segments)

Lastly, be sure to sand, adjust, and test fit all parts before final assembly! 



J5 - 3D Printable.zip
Thy Pentacle,
Oct 27, 2017, 5:28 PM