Solis Fidget Spinner

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A simple design (by me) with a good size and plenty of contours for the fingers to touch and fidget.
Plus it has a nice amount of weight for good spin times with plenty of metal beads or marbles along the outer edge.

(You obviously must supply your own bearing and metal beads or marbles.)


In order for this design to work best, print it split into two parts as shown in the picture above showing the two halves next to each other.
Insert your metal beads or marbles in-between these two parts, then glue the flat sides of each part together to hold the beads or marbles in place securely.
(epoxy is suggested)

After the glue has set, install your center bearing and you're ready to spin!
Optional: Paint it any colors you wish before assembling it... just don't paint the glue surfaces.

Be sure to test fit assembly to align the holes correctly before using glue. Also, check the measurements of the STL file to be sure the holes are the correct size and edit as necessary to hold your beads or marbles correctly in place.
Lastly, the file is scalable, so again, check to be sure ALL measurements are as you desire before printing it... including the hole to hold the bearing.

Thy Pentacle,
Oct 27, 2017, 4:41 PM