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The Truth is Far Stranger Than You Know
Are aliens real?

The real secret about 'aliens' is not what people on either of the two primary sides of this subject say it is. I have yet to see anyone speak the real truth about any of this. (openly) One side just says there are no aliens, the other says there are and it's being hidden... neither of these are exactly correct, but both sides contain half a truth. (the best kind of lie) By design, both sides help hide the real truth.

There is an international governmental agenda to secretly perpetuate the idea of aliens; with a set mission goal of global disinformation and misdirection... all while sitting in comfort in a position of plausible deniability. Some of the 'so called' UFO experts are allowed to continue spreading their insanity, or are planted in place with a mission not to say there is no such thing, but to do the reverse... cause they want you to think it's aliens, or want you to believe it's nothing at all, as long as you don't know the truth. Information on both sides being in a constant state of back and forth battle does little more than keep everyone busy looking in the wrong places.

Those that know what is really going on and attempt in any way to inform anyone directly are quickly silenced, either by payoffs or other means. This is why so many people that leak alien information are truly not taken out of the equation. (unless they find out the real truth or go off mission and attempt to tell it)

If anyone out there happens to figure it out or already knows, keep it to yourself. It will never be fully discovered until they want it to be... and by then it won't matter. That's just how things are, but I'd still rather know than not.

Just try to have a nice day and don't worry so much about it though, but do keep paying attention and watch out for deceptions. 

Seek only truth and your path will be easier to travel.


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Big changes this year are likely...

Changes not in my life, so much as in the lives of everyone. This will be a year of promised peace being granted, but short-lived. This will be a year of even greater technological advances, but a further regression of human behavior. This will be a year of economic collapse, but possible recovery after large losses. This will be a year of more universal laws applied to control more of the population in the name of security, but providing only the illusion of protection. These are not predictions. It is a logical estimation, after weighing the evidence of previous years and patterns. Patterns that repeat no matter the man living the life, nor the government ruling the land. (there is nothing new under the sun) There are a blessed few who will feel little of this, but in general it all still applies to the world at large. The only variation or unknowable thing, is the exact timing and/or speed of repetition of the patterns. In any case, it's best to at least acknowledge them, so as to be prepared for what will repeat itself eventually, and may likely hit again soon.

All of the above can appear at first glance to be a dark future, but it's as it must be, and you can take heart in the fact that the ultimate goal of existence is not one of self-obliteration or darkness... but one of progress, growth, learning, maturing, acceptance, and completion. Not a bit of it is meant to be easy, and if it is easy for you... it isn't the real tempering of spirit that is required. You are not progressing forward in a way that counts in the grand scheme.

So, in the year ahead, do not think beyond the moment, for to do so you may find yourself overcome with the heaviness of a torrent of troubles many in the world shall suffer, but always keep the troubles of the moment in your mind so as to fix those you can... and do not limit your thinking to your local environment alone. Even if troubles seem far from you, we are all connected in ways you can't even begin to fathom. Think always of all people, in all lands, and love them as yourself. Always in your mind let there be a background concern for all involved in the world... for you are just one among many. You can care about the troubles of other people without making them your own. Leave also the past, behind you... where it belongs. It does no good to carry the troubles with you that are no longer in any form to be repaired. This is regret, and it serves nobody well.

Some will also learn this year about things in the distant past previously not known. Things that will make them question the nature of the world and those that live on it. Do not be discouraged by any of it if you are one of them. You are now, and ever shall be, yourself... and humans have within them a deeply hidden and protected core for understanding truth. It cannot be touched by any worldly entity. You are the only controllable variable and the only stable constant perceiving reality that currently surrounds you. Use the tools granted to you to help you understand the world you perceive, but keep in mind you can be changed by outside sources in negative ways. However you will experience and know the change in and of itself by simple comparison of who you are now, and what the change instituted into your life or how you became, as a result of the introduced new element. You can make adjustments as you go for any unwanted changes, this is what free will is for. The fork in the road is presented, you make your choice. In other words always be yourself, and do not let yourself be easily convinced of things without reasonable cause. Attempt to finely tune your core to understand what truth is, and keep only the true things, or those things which to you feel as such... to the best of your ability.

The short n sweet of it is simple... be prepared for as much as your soul can bear in the moment to know. Much will happen this year that will push the limits of even the strongest will, and the most stable mind. Not a single bit of it can touch you however, unless you think you are powerless against it. You are not powerless. There are no limits to the human ability to adapt to even the harshest of new situations. Survive it the best you can, and feel no shame if you feel the desire to give in, to give up, and surrender to fate. Remember, whether you believe it or not, you are not alone. There is a force far beyond you watching. One that actively cares more than you think, and wants to help... this help comes in spite of yourself at times, but is much more available when asked for directly.

I hope with all sincerity that all reading these words experience only the best things possible... but patterns are hard to argue with. 

Be safe, good night, and good luck.


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My Top 40 of all Time Media List
(In alphabetical order with specific related items & movie trilogies grouped as one.)

1. Alien Trilogy
a. Alien
b. Aliens
c. Alien 3
2. Black Hole, The
3. Blade Runner
4. Blazing Saddles
5. Brainstorm (1983)
6. Clue
7. Conan Trilogy
a. The Barbarian
b. The Destroyer
c. The Conqueror (coming soon)
8. Count of Monte Cristo, The (2002)
9. Die Hard
10. Doctor Who ('Key to Time' TV Episodes)
11. Evil Dead (1981)
12. Exorcist
13. Frankenstein Unbound
14. Gladiator
15. Indiana Jones Trilogy
a. Raiders of the Lost Ark
b. Temple of Doom
c. Last Crusade
16. Johnny Dangerously
17. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
18. King Solomon's Mines (1985)
19. Lawrence of Arabia
20. MacGyver (TV Series & TV Movies)
21. Mission: Impossible (Original TV Series)
22. Omega Man, The (1971)
23. Passion of the Christ
24. Patriot, The (2000)
25. Poltergeist
26. Predator
27. Quiet Earth, The
28. Return of the Living Dead
29. Saving Private Ryan
30. Serenity (Movie & 'Firefly' TV Series)
31. Star Trek Trilogy (Original Movies)
a. The Wrath of Khan
b. The Search for Spock
c. The Voyage Home
32. Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series)
33. Star Wars Trilogy (Original DVDs {no CGI edits})
a. A New Hope
b. Empire Strikes Back
c. Return of the Jedi
34. Stargate (Original 1994 Movie + Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods)
35. Thing, The (1982)
36. Three Stooges, The (Curly & Shemp TV Episodes)
37. Time Machine, The (1960)
38. True Lies
39. Under Siege
40. Young Frankenstein


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Use Original Xbox Controller on Windows 10
(32 or 64 bit)


This only works for the Original Xbox controller, not the 360 controller.

Additionally, I had some issues on the systems I installed this on involving USB port switching, so just to be safe ALWAYS USE THE SAME EXACT USB PORT during this entire process and for normal controller use.
If you change it to another USB port at any time it could break the driver. Especially after initial setup.

No worries though, if you forget AFTER it's already setup and working, just unplug it and put it back in the correct port.

If your port dies for some reason, you can do this setup again on another port. Just must be same one used for setup/use.


The original Xbox controller has always had better analog sticks than the later Xbox 360 controller and a lot of people (like myself) converted them for PC Use by fitting them with a USB plug. The hardware is easy to mod. Just snip the very tip end plug off the Original Xbox Controller and wire in about any USB plug on the end of it matching up the colors of the wires. They are the same colors, just match up each one to itself. (ignore the yellow wire as it is NOT needed) On the USB plug part, sometimes the black wire will be blue, or the red wire will be orange. So if there's no black/red, use blue/orange to connect to the Xbox wire side.

So, now you modded your hardware but it isn't working? Well here is a much simpler way to get your newly modded Xbox controller working on Windows 10 without all the hassle of replacing files in your Windows and System 32 folders only to find that on reboot that the controller drivers will not load. This method also requires no special SDK or other sorts of driver kits or extra files to get it working and it only uses one simple driver installer done under a special Windows 10 startup mode.

If you do it this way the Original Xbox Controller will work 100% for sure every time and IT WILL BE RECOGNIZED EVERY TIME Windows boots up. So, you think you are ready? Continue below. =)

1. Click the start menu / select 'Power' / then hold shift key down while clicking 'Restart'. In the following menus after this select: 'Troubleshoot' / 'Advanced options' / 'Startup Settings' / then click 'Restart'. When windows restarts and you see a menu for options select option 7 to 'Disable driver signature enforcement'.

2. Once Windows is back from restarting, you need to install the driver for a xbox2pc converter (The driver is for the Tiger Game XBox Controller.) The file name is 'Setup xbox2pc.exe' located in the archive/zip file below.

Setup xbox2pc.zip (500K)

3. Once it finishes, plug in your Original Xbox controller. Windows will detect it, but won't be able to install the driver.

4. Right click the start menu and select 'Device Manager'. You will see the the installed device under 'Other devices' but it will display as 'Unknown device'.

5. Double click on the device.

6. Choose the driver Tab.

7. Choose Update Drivers.

8. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'.

9. Choose 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'.

10. Find the 'Human Interface Devices' item from the list then select it and click 'Next'.

11. Un-tick the box 'Show compatible hardware' (if present).

12. In the left panel under the heading 'Manufacturer' scroll down the list and choose -> 'TigerGame Limited' and in the right hand panel you will see the 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' driver listed. Select the controller and click 'Next'. 

13. Let windows do its thing and override any warnings you see and it will install the driver.

14. Go back into Device Manager and you will see that the 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' is now located under the 'Human Interface Devices' area.

15. Your almost done! 

Now you need to test and adjust it so the analog sticks work. Here is how. 

1. Open Control Panel by right clicking the start menu and selecting 'Control Panel'.
2. Choose 'Hardware and Sound' then 'Devices and Printers'.
3. You will see 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' listed, right click on it.
4. Choose 'Game Controller Settings'.
5. Now choose Properties.
6. Click on controller mode and change it to 'Analog' or 'Digital' or in some cases 'Flight'. You'll have to adjust as you go and test what works best but in my case here 'Analog' worked. Click 'Apply' after any change and it should now all test out fine in there.


Once you get all the above completed. It's important to now LEAVE the xbox controller plugged in, and do a cold shutdown of the computer and while the computer is off totally (NOT SLEEP MODE) unplug the controller. I have found some computers will get stuck booting after bios when this controller/USB mod is plugged in. Don't worry, once Windows is back, just plug in the controller again.
(try to remember not to reboot or leave it plugged in all the time and only leave it plugged in when you are using it)

Once you have it all setup and have done the cold reboot you are now ready to make use of the controller in the software of choice. 

If you wish to use this controller as an Xbox 360 controller (most games work) it will require the use of the below emulation program. 
(32bit games need 32bit version / 64bit games need 64bit version / both are included below)
They are stand-alone EXE files and require no installation. 

To use: Run this program once from the game executable directory, configure it, click 'save' button, then close the program. Leave a copy of the EXE there in the game folder.
(make copies and place the EXE in whatever game folders you need to config emulation for and do the same thing as above)

To remove: Delete x360ce.* files, xbox360cemu.ini (if used) and dinput8.dll (if used) from game executable directory.


That's it. Enjoy!

The above was edited and adjusted for Windows 10 use by: ThyPentacle / ThyBox.net and was tested on two Windows 10 systems with no problems. (both 64bit)

Many thanks to all the creative types out there that got this controller working on Windows 7/8/64bit/32bit/Win10/etc. All the information gathered all over the net helped me finally get this thing to work and put together the information above to maybe help others do this more easily without much hassle.


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Paranormal Equipment

(Click a picture to open a larger version in a new tab/window.)

Years of experience regarding this hobby has taught me the primary method of success is not over compensating with too many tools. They only serve to get in the way and create more false positive results, and most... in my opinion, can not be trusted. In the above pictures I present the primary tools I trust up to this point, beyond my own senses. (Keep in mind nothing is 100%.) Be vigilant, attentive, and reasonable while using these devices, or any others you may opt to use. If you can't repeat a result, it is not a result at all. 

I would suggest you do not trust some of the other newer types of devices currently being sold to those interested in this field. (EM pumps/spirit boxes/EMF word database devices/etc) Many of these devices are built with a few bucks in parts and being sold for insane markup prices to simply make money off the novice user. (Supply and demand strikes again!) I won't argue their potential to find evidence of the paranormal at this point, it's simply a suggestion on my part... they are not needed. These beings do not need the extra help. EVP will be heard if they wish to speak, EM fields will fluctuate if they move about you, cameras will catch the unexplainable if they want to be seen, etc... they do not need word databases, energy pumps, or other such things.

In fact, if they really want to get your attention, you won't need any devices or technical help of any sort to detect them. I just hope if such entities ever show you that kind of attention you are well prepared for the event. No worries though, for whatever reasons on their part (lack of interest or some kind of rules in place) such happenings are extremely rare to the nth degree. Most of the 'creepy' events people detect now and then, I feel, are accidental for the most part. (IE the entity knocked something over, bumped into something and it moved, etc) That being said, there certainly are some out there just screaming for attention and doing all they can when possible. Sadly however, most of these seem of the darker variety and in general are less than friendly as far as I can tell. So be careful what you invite to interact with you, it could be your invitation of interaction is what empowers them to act upon you in the first place, in whatever fashion.

Recommended Gear

1. Infrared enabled digital camera of the point n shoot type.
2. Full spectrum video camera with IR and UV lights.
3. Digital audio recorder with external mic.
4. EMF meter that detects the DC EM fields or 'natural EM'.
5. Touch sensor.
6. Temperature sensors can be helpful but I've found them rather pointless as you can feel this yourself very easily...
    however I suggest it in this list only for those that wish to log or record the evidence in a permanent form.

Lastly, a Thermal camera. I do not include this in the primary list as it is a pure bonus item that can at times give nice results, but because of very poor frame rate limits on them and CPU/processing delays that sometimes happen within the electronics of the thermal sensor, I cannot suggest them as being able to provide reliable evidence. (unless you happen to be lucky enough to own a non-limited and more advanced military version) The nerfed consumer versions of the thermal sensor in these cameras is rather prone to odd glitches, freezes, and other such electronic failures... again, this is due to the (government required) limitations put on consumer sold versions  of this technology. If you can find high end ones somewhere with minimum 30 frames per second rates... only then would I suggest you bother with them. (cost will be very high however no matter the source)


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Perspective of Truth

As part of my journey in life to find only the truth of things, I have recently undertaken many hours of research to attempt to find the most accurate English translation of The Holy Bible from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Shockingly, what I have found, is there are literally ZERO modern English translations that are accurate enough to be trusted. Including the present day King James Version printings. (Also known as English standard text or standard English text.) Quickly I saw that either by direct intent, simple change of language over time, or accidental mistake, the version of The Holy Bible as it exists in the present day, is a pale comparison to the original texts, and at times the modern translations can even be completely lacking parts of, or reverse meanings of, several passages... as compared to the original correct sources.

Most people don't want to become a scholar and study the original correct source material (Which in my opinion is still a good thing to do to make certain the avoidance of deception or change to the doctrines as a result of previously mentioned translation issues.) but the good news regarding that is, it is not required of you to do so. God makes the Word available to all nations and to all peoples, so as long as you study a version one can call accurate (With sufficient scholarly work behind it to justify the statement of said works being called 'accurate' as compared to the original divinely inspired texts.) your eyes shall be opened and the Truth will not be hidden from you in secret places or behind the obscure words of those languages few understand. Again, it should be noted that this still requires the accuracy of a translation to be correctly carried out; with no change to the doctrine, context of the words, or meaning behind the testimony of the original texts. 

So therefor, based on the research done, I did eventually discover the best options we still have left; at least the ones available in English. They are: 'The Holy Bible - Authorized King James Version - Pure Cambridge Edition (circa year 1900 ONLY) / and also the original first King James edition of The Holy Bible from 1611. Though the latter has many text errors as a result of printing technology limits of the day, and the simple limitations of humans to use said methods of printing without making mistakes. Additionally, English was still a rather newish language at the time so some words and spellings no longer exist as they were dropped from use after 1611. (A few words from then even have a reversed meaning today.) So if you go with the 1611 first edition, have an unabridged dictionary handy for the more obscure words, and be on the lookout for odd spellings of other words and some typos. (Not that hard to do.)

The Pure Cambridge Edition fixes all of these problems however. (With no contextual changes to the text.) In fact, this is the reason the Pure Cambridge Edition was created, to complete a pure edition 1611 with no errors as mentioned. The PCE takes into account many printer errors from the 1611 to 1769 editions of the King James Bible, and removes these errors using the correct and original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic sources to compare to each previous edition, and then to the original sources again to confirm. It also balances out various spellings and word usage in a way that does not alter the meaning or context (Unlike modern translations which don't hold to this rule and some verses end up meaning other things not contained in the original context.) The PCE only updates to another word or spelling for the translated English word if and when the one previously used no longer exists in that form.)

Furthermore, regarding leaving in some words that many call 'antiquated'; these words are left intact in the PCE to maintain a proper pure form. Some examples: you have to leave words like 'thy', 'thine', 'ye', and the like in English translations to correctly transplant over the original context language meaning over into English. The 'th' words maintain a singular form statement or context, and the 'y' words maintain the plural form statement or context. If you modernize these words, you remove context and meaning much of the time. Such as when people are being spoken to in singular or plural form, or in context of 'he', 'she', 'it', etc. (Most modern translations alter these words, and as a result, in some verses, improperly change the entire meaning of the context in regards to who is being spoken to or about, and how statements are being directed to them with the words surrounding the word that gets changed to an incorrect replacement, such as he/she/you/your/them/they/our/etc.) 

Can one still buy a proper English translation of The Holy Bible? Yes you can still find and purchase both above versions, but they are rare. There are about 500 different translations of the Holy Bible in total (yes that many) many are very close to accurate, some are slight edits to avoid copyright license fees, some are edits to make them more understandable for younger readers, some are directed at specific groups with slight edits (women readers, african american readers, etc) and a few are altered by specific churches to take out bits they didn't like in there. As mentioned above ( 'The Holy Bible - Authorized King James Version - Pure Cambridge Edition (circa year 1900 ONLY) / and also the original first King James edition of The Holy Bible from 1611.) these are the two suggested by me as being the most accurate available in English. 

Details on these: The Pure Cambridge Edition officially went out of print in about 1960, but there are a couple publishers that still produce Bibles with the text of the PCE today... however, finding one that is still using the proper (circa 1900) text can be problematic. Regarding the original King James 1611 first edition, there are facsimiles available. You don't have to spend half a million dollars for an original 1611. The free PDFs of both are easily found to read as well, or can be used to print your own book yourself. (You can also take the PDF to an office service store that prints materials and most of them can create a full book for you, using the original text from the PDF. Some can even make complex covers and bind them... for a cost.)

In closing, this was a fascinating experience to learn from. To see just how much time can change even the most important of things, and how it's far too easy to assume that because something is newer, it is more correct. This is a very dangerous mode of thinking, on many levels. Even the Bible warns of this exact thing, but the Word was in heaven before any book of divinely inspired texts were written or printed on earth below. Truth of the Word shall remain forever unchanged and pure. The best we can do as flawed human beings, is to study to the best of our ability, the divinely inspired texts (or accurate translations of) provided to us, and keep always in our heart and mind... God resides within us, the very breath of our life and soul, and if we accept that, this shall in turn not allow us to be deceived. The human soul knows at its core, when it beholds truth. Be careful and seek only those things which are true, and do not be deceived by the temptations of the new age.

Additional Information, Files, and Resources

  • KJV Drill-Pew Bible Copyright 2014 Holman Bible Publishers
This is an Authorized King James Version that uses the Pure Cambridge Edition text, circa year 1900. (As of the time of this blog post, it is available for purchase from many locations.)

ISBN: 978-1-5864-0944-9 (Pew Bible: Black hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-5864-0943-2 (Pew Bible: Blue hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-5864-0942-5 (Pew Bible: Maroon hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-5864-0945-6 (Drill Bible: hardcover)

  • Electronic Text Versions
Here are links to read the Authorized King James Version / Pure Cambridge Edition online. 

The Holy Bible <--| (Online version with multiple available formats to download.)

The Holy Bible <--| (Direct download of PDF version from this site.)

The final form of the King James Bible is the Pure Cambridge Edition (circa 1900), which conforms to the following:

1. “or Sheba” not “and Sheba” in Joshua 19:2
2. “sin” not “sins” in 2 Chronicles 33:19
3. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Job 33:4
4. “whom ye” not “whom he” in Jeremiah 34:16
5. “Spirit of God” not “spirit of God” in Ezekiel 11:24
6. “flieth” not “fleeth” in Nahum 3:16
7. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Matthew 4:1
8. “further” not “farther” in Matthew 26:39
9. “bewrayeth” not “betrayeth” in Matthew 26:73
10. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Mark 1:12
11. “spirit” not “Spirit” in Acts 11:28
12. “spirit” not “Spirit” in 1 John 5:8

Additionally: “Geba” not “Gaba” in Ezra 2:26


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The Path

Having been in the world for about 40 years now I guess the primary things I've learned along the way is that life in general is all about just that, learning. Not knowledge from most so called 'learned' books or study of fact and science... so much as discovering the reasons for why we exist in the first place, and knowing yourself. One could say the entire meaning of life is a very simple thing; to figure out who you are and what you want. Once this is accomplished, the universe (God) will provide these things, either here and now, or ultimately upon moving to the next level. (death) The only catch is, believing in and supporting the method set in place for you to accomplish this. 

Another way to explain it is life is the mountain you must climb and death is the plateau you eventually reach on top. What surrounds you during your ascension, and eventually in larger eternal form once you are on top, is entirely dependent on what you are thinking about while you are climbing. Though keep in mind, if you do not believe in the mountain, it is not provided for you to climb... and your spirit will stagnate from lack of true progression. You can however still be granted limited things thought about, they will just be transitory and fleeting. (This is the path of an unending circle that goes nowhere and eventually consumes itself.)

If you believe in the mountain and have even a small measure of faith in it, you have no limits, there is nothing you cannot achieve... just know to be humble, and remove the ego, for you can only be made happy by these things if you accept that it is in fact not you making all of it happen. External forces and help shall however give you all these things, if only you let go of your own arrogant nature and accept the gifts granted to you. Nothing is impossible for those that know the true nature of things. Trust and faith in God is all anyone needs to find happiness, be it here in life, or beyond. Let go, give in, and stay on the path given to you all the way to the top of the mountain, and never forget that no matter what happens, it is as it must be and shall always be so, and that not everyone's path is an easy one. In fact most are not easy by design, to temper the soul.

Some say, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." and while what I say above may also imply that somewhat, it isn't about leading your life to get what you want, nor about following anyone else. It also isn't about getting out of the way of others... It's about only walking your path which is presented to you and you alone, and there are no others to lead nor follow nor stay out of the way of on your path. It is yours to walk on however you wish... but do try not to stray from it, for it is a narrow one with many other people's paths visible from yours. It can be easy to see theirs and think it's better, and stray over to that one, but those belong to someone else and are not yours to travel. If you leave your own to do such, you won't be getting in the other persons way, but there will only follow eventual failure or struggle to maintain your travel upon it. It will essentially be less familiar and feel unnatural to you, and this will cause you to feel out of place no matter the result this other path grants you. Your soul only thrives while on your natural path.

Know yourself as best you can, and be genuine... do not pretend or act as another... do what your heart desires (not so much your mind), don't do something just cause it is expected of you. God does not want the blind or those that just do what they think is expected of them... God wants those that choose to walk their path with every ounce of their free will. Those that freely decide with their heart, to do this out of pure desire... not just cause it is what they are told to do, but cause they truly want to do it. Observe for example how the animals in the world live, and how they do what is only natural to them. In this way they live better lives in comparison to people that blindly act against their nature. It is even said God prefers people to either be hot or cold in regards to their beliefs, and that to be lukewarm is the worst way you can be. So do what is in your nature to do. Stay on your path and avoid the temptations of those others observed around you.

No matter what you do in life or what you believe... be yourself and no other. This is exactly why free will is such a wonderful gift, and horrible curse. For through our own actions done that are against our true nature do we destroy our lives. The path is not a track we are bound on like a train with no turns, it's not that easy, and we must realize that before being able to develop the skills required to maintain our destiny. All that being said, do not worry of any of this. Worry is not a natural state either (even animals do not worry) and you will not add a single benefit to your life by doing it. It is wasted energy that only causes stress and unbalance on the journey.

So stay safe out there everyone, and if you feel lost... simply cry out, ask for help, and you shall be found again!

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