Big changes this year are likely...

Changes not in my life, so much as in the lives of everyone. This will be a year of promised peace being granted, but short-lived. This will be a year of even greater technological advances, but a further regression of human behavior. This will be a year of economic collapse, but possible recovery after large losses. This will be a year of more universal laws applied to control more of the population in the name of security, but providing only the illusion of protection. These are not predictions. It is a logical estimation, after weighing the evidence of previous years and patterns. Patterns that repeat no matter the man living the life, nor the government ruling the land. (there is nothing new under the sun) There are a blessed few who will feel little of this, but in general it all still applies to the world at large. The only variation or unknowable thing, is the exact timing and/or speed of repetition of the patterns. In any case, it's best to at least acknowledge them, so as to be prepared for what will repeat itself eventually, and may likely hit again soon.

All of the above can appear at first glance to be a dark future, but it's as it must be, and you can take heart in the fact that the ultimate goal of existence is not one of self-obliteration or darkness... but one of progress, growth, learning, maturing, acceptance, and completion. Not a bit of it is meant to be easy, and if it is easy for you... it isn't the real tempering of spirit that is required. You are not progressing forward in a way that counts in the grand scheme.

So, in the year ahead, do not think beyond the moment, for to do so you may find yourself overcome with the heaviness of a torrent of troubles many in the world shall suffer, but always keep the troubles of the moment in your mind so as to fix those you can... and do not limit your thinking to your local environment alone. Even if troubles seem far from you, we are all connected in ways you can't even begin to fathom. Think always of all people, in all lands, and love them as yourself. Always in your mind let there be a background concern for all involved in the world... for you are just one among many. You can care about the troubles of other people without making them your own. Leave also the past, behind you... where it belongs. It does no good to carry the troubles with you that are no longer in any form to be repaired. This is regret, and it serves nobody well.

Some will also learn this year about things in the distant past previously not known. Things that will make them question the nature of the world and those that live on it. Do not be discouraged by any of it if you are one of them. You are now, and ever shall be, yourself... and humans have within them a deeply hidden and protected core for understanding truth. It cannot be touched by any worldly entity. You are the only controllable variable and the only stable constant perceiving reality that currently surrounds you. Use the tools granted to you to help you understand the world you perceive, but keep in mind you can be changed by outside sources in negative ways. However you will experience and know the change in and of itself by simple comparison of who you are now, and what the change instituted into your life or how you became, as a result of the introduced new element. You can make adjustments as you go for any unwanted changes, this is what free will is for. The fork in the road is presented, you make your choice. In other words always be yourself, and do not let yourself be easily convinced of things without reasonable cause. Attempt to finely tune your core to understand what truth is, and keep only the true things, or those things which to you feel as such... to the best of your ability.

The short n sweet of it is simple... be prepared for as much as your soul can bear in the moment to know. Much will happen this year that will push the limits of even the strongest will, and the most stable mind. Not a single bit of it can touch you however, unless you think you are powerless against it. You are not powerless. There are no limits to the human ability to adapt to even the harshest of new situations. Survive it the best you can, and feel no shame if you feel the desire to give in, to give up, and surrender to fate. Remember, whether you believe it or not, you are not alone. There is a force far beyond you watching. One that actively cares more than you think, and wants to help... this help comes in spite of yourself at times, but is much more available when asked for directly.

I hope with all sincerity that all reading these words experience only the best things possible... but patterns are hard to argue with. 

Be safe, good night, and good luck.