Paranormal Equipment
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Years of experience regarding this hobby has taught me the primary method of success is not over compensating with too many tools. They only serve to get in the way and create more false positive results, and most... in my opinion, can not be trusted. In the above pictures I present the primary tools I trust up to this point, beyond my own senses. (Keep in mind nothing is 100%.) Be vigilant, attentive, and reasonable while using these devices, or any others you may opt to use. If you can't repeat a result, it is not a result at all. 

I would suggest you do not trust some of the other newer types of devices currently being sold to those interested in this field. (EM pumps/spirit boxes/EMF word database devices/etc) Many of these devices are built with a few bucks in parts and being sold for insane markup prices to simply make money off the novice user. (Supply and demand strikes again!) I won't argue their potential to find evidence of the paranormal at this point, it's simply a suggestion on my part... they are not needed. These beings do not need the extra help. EVP will be heard if they wish to speak, EM fields will fluctuate if they move about you, cameras will catch the unexplainable if they want to be seen, etc... they do not need word databases, energy pumps, or other such things.

In fact, if they really want to get your attention, you won't need any devices or technical help of any sort to detect them. I just hope if such entities ever show you that kind of attention you are well prepared for the event. No worries though, for whatever reasons on their part (lack of interest or some kind of rules in place) such happenings are extremely rare to the nth degree. Most of the 'creepy' events people detect now and then, I feel, are accidental for the most part. (IE the entity knocked something over, bumped into something and it moved, etc) That being said, there certainly are some out there just screaming for attention and doing all they can when possible. Sadly however, most of these seem of the darker variety and in general are less than friendly as far as I can tell. So be careful what you invite to interact with you, it could be your invitation of interaction is what empowers them to act upon you in the first place, in whatever fashion.

Recommended Gear

1. Infrared enabled digital camera of the point n shoot type.
2. Full spectrum video camera with IR and UV lights.
3. Digital audio recorder with external mic.
4. EMF meter that detects the DC EM fields or 'natural EM'.
5. Touch sensor.
6. Temperature sensors can be helpful but I've found them rather pointless as you can feel this yourself very easily...
    however I suggest it in this list only for those that wish to log or record the evidence in a permanent form.

Lastly, a Thermal camera. I do not include this in the primary list as it is a pure bonus item that can at times give nice results, but because of very poor frame rate limits on them and CPU/processing delays that sometimes happen within the electronics of the thermal sensor, I cannot suggest them as being able to provide reliable evidence. (unless you happen to be lucky enough to own a non-limited and more advanced military version) The nerfed consumer versions of the thermal sensor in these cameras is rather prone to odd glitches, freezes, and other such electronic failures... again, this is due to the (government required) limitations put on consumer sold versions  of this technology. If you can find high end ones somewhere with minimum 30 frames per second rates... only then would I suggest you bother with them. (cost will be very high however no matter the source)