The Path

Having been in the world for about 40 years now I guess the primary things I've learned along the way is that life in general is all about just that, learning. Not knowledge from most so called 'learned' books or study of fact and science... so much as discovering the reasons for why we exist in the first place, and knowing yourself. One could say the entire meaning of life is a very simple thing; to figure out who you are and what you want. Once this is accomplished, the universe (God) will provide these things, either here and now, or ultimately upon moving to the next level. (death) The only catch is, believing in and supporting the method set in place for you to accomplish this. 

Another way to explain it is life is the mountain you must climb and death is the plateau you eventually reach on top. What surrounds you during your ascension, and eventually in larger eternal form once you are on top, is entirely dependent on what you are thinking about while you are climbing. Though keep in mind, if you do not believe in the mountain, it is not provided for you to climb... and your spirit will stagnate from lack of true progression. You can however still be granted limited things thought about, they will just be transitory and fleeting. (This is the path of an unending circle that goes nowhere and eventually consumes itself.)

If you believe in the mountain and have even a small measure of faith in it, you have no limits, there is nothing you cannot achieve... just know to be humble, and remove the ego, for you can only be made happy by these things if you accept that it is in fact not you making all of it happen. External forces and help shall however give you all these things, if only you let go of your own arrogant nature and accept the gifts granted to you. Nothing is impossible for those that know the true nature of things. Trust and faith in God is all anyone needs to find happiness, be it here in life, or beyond. Let go, give in, and stay on the path given to you all the way to the top of the mountain, and never forget that no matter what happens, it is as it must be and shall always be so, and that not everyone's path is an easy one. In fact most are not easy by design, to temper the soul.

Some say, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." and while what I say above may also imply that somewhat, it isn't about leading your life to get what you want, nor about following anyone else. It also isn't about getting out of the way of others... It's about only walking your path which is presented to you and you alone, and there are no others to lead nor follow nor stay out of the way of on your path. It is yours to walk on however you wish... but do try not to stray from it, for it is a narrow one with many other people's paths visible from yours. It can be easy to see theirs and think it's better, and stray over to that one, but those belong to someone else and are not yours to travel. If you leave your own to do such, you won't be getting in the other persons way, but there will only follow eventual failure or struggle to maintain your travel upon it. It will essentially be less familiar and feel unnatural to you, and this will cause you to feel out of place no matter the result this other path grants you. Your soul only thrives while on your natural path.

Know yourself as best you can, and be genuine... do not pretend or act as another... do what your heart desires (not so much your mind), don't do something just cause it is expected of you. God does not want the blind or those that just do what they think is expected of them... God wants those that choose to walk their path with every ounce of their free will. Those that freely decide with their heart, to do this out of pure desire... not just cause it is what they are told to do, but cause they truly want to do it. Observe for example how the animals in the world live, and how they do what is only natural to them. In this way they live better lives in comparison to people that blindly act against their nature. It is even said God prefers people to either be hot or cold in regards to their beliefs, and that to be lukewarm is the worst way you can be. So do what is in your nature to do. Stay on your path and avoid the temptations of those others observed around you.

No matter what you do in life or what you believe... be yourself and no other. This is exactly why free will is such a wonderful gift, and horrible curse. For through our own actions done that are against our true nature do we destroy our lives. The path is not a track we are bound on like a train with no turns, it's not that easy, and we must realize that before being able to develop the skills required to maintain our destiny. All that being said, do not worry of any of this. Worry is not a natural state either (even animals do not worry) and you will not add a single benefit to your life by doing it. It is wasted energy that only causes stress and unbalance on the journey.

So stay safe out there everyone, and if you feel lost... simply cry out, ask for help, and you shall be found again!