The Truth is Far Stranger Than You Know
Are aliens real?

The real secret about 'aliens' is not what people on either of the two primary sides of this subject say it is. I have yet to see anyone speak the real truth about any of this. (openly) One side just says there are no aliens, the other says there are and it's being hidden... neither of these are exactly correct, but both sides contain half a truth. (the best kind of lie) By design, both sides help hide the real truth.

There is an international governmental agenda to secretly perpetuate the idea of aliens; with a set mission goal of global disinformation and misdirection... all while sitting in comfort in a position of plausible deniability. Some of the 'so called' UFO experts are allowed to continue spreading their insanity, or are planted in place with a mission not to say there is no such thing, but to do the reverse... cause they want you to think it's aliens, or want you to believe it's nothing at all, as long as you don't know the truth. Information on both sides being in a constant state of back and forth battle does little more than keep everyone busy looking in the wrong places.

Those that know what is really going on and attempt in any way to inform anyone directly are quickly silenced, either by payoffs or other means. This is why so many people that leak alien information are truly not taken out of the equation. (unless they find out the real truth or go off mission and attempt to tell it)

If anyone out there happens to figure it out or already knows, keep it to yourself. It will never be fully discovered until they want it to be... and by then it won't matter. That's just how things are, but I'd still rather know than not.

Just try to have a nice day and don't worry so much about it though, but do keep paying attention and watch out for deceptions. 

Seek only truth and your path will be easier to travel.