Use Original Xbox Controller on Windows 10
(32 or 64 bit)


This only works for the Original Xbox controller, not the 360 controller.

Additionally, I had some issues on the systems I installed this on involving USB port switching, so just to be safe ALWAYS USE THE SAME EXACT USB PORT during this entire process and for normal controller use.
If you change it to another USB port at any time it could break the driver. Especially after initial setup.

No worries though, if you forget AFTER it's already setup and working, just unplug it and put it back in the correct port.

If your port dies for some reason, you can do this setup again on another port. Just must be same one used for setup/use.


The original Xbox controller has always had better analog sticks than the later Xbox 360 controller and a lot of people (like myself) converted them for PC Use by fitting them with a USB plug. The hardware is easy to mod. Just snip the very tip end plug off the Original Xbox Controller and wire in about any USB plug on the end of it matching up the colors of the wires. They are the same colors, just match up each one to itself. (ignore the yellow wire as it is NOT needed) On the USB plug part, sometimes the black wire will be blue, or the red wire will be orange. So if there's no black/red, use blue/orange to connect to the Xbox wire side.

So, now you modded your hardware but it isn't working? Well here is a much simpler way to get your newly modded Xbox controller working on Windows 10 without all the hassle of replacing files in your Windows and System 32 folders only to find that on reboot that the controller drivers will not load. This method also requires no special SDK or other sorts of driver kits or extra files to get it working and it only uses one simple driver installer done under a special Windows 10 startup mode.

If you do it this way the Original Xbox Controller will work 100% for sure every time and IT WILL BE RECOGNIZED EVERY TIME Windows boots up. So, you think you are ready? Continue below. =)

1. Click the start menu / select 'Power' / then hold shift key down while clicking 'Restart'. In the following menus after this select: 'Troubleshoot' / 'Advanced options' / 'Startup Settings' / then click 'Restart'. When windows restarts and you see a menu for options select option 7 to 'Disable driver signature enforcement'.

2. Once Windows is back from restarting, you need to install the driver for a xbox2pc converter (The driver is for the Tiger Game XBox Controller.) The file name is 'Setup xbox2pc.exe' located in the archive/zip file below.

Setup (500K)

3. Once it finishes, plug in your Original Xbox controller. Windows will detect it, but won't be able to install the driver.

4. Right click the start menu and select 'Device Manager'. You will see the the installed device under 'Other devices' but it will display as 'Unknown device'.

5. Double click on the device.

6. Choose the driver Tab.

7. Choose Update Drivers.

8. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'.

9. Choose 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'.

10. Find the 'Human Interface Devices' item from the list then select it and click 'Next'.

11. Un-tick the box 'Show compatible hardware' (if present).

12. In the left panel under the heading 'Manufacturer' scroll down the list and choose -> 'TigerGame Limited' and in the right hand panel you will see the 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' driver listed. Select the controller and click 'Next'. 

13. Let windows do its thing and override any warnings you see and it will install the driver.

14. Go back into Device Manager and you will see that the 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' is now located under the 'Human Interface Devices' area.

15. Your almost done! 

Now you need to test and adjust it so the analog sticks work. Here is how. 

1. Open Control Panel by right clicking the start menu and selecting 'Control Panel'.
2. Choose 'Hardware and Sound' then 'Devices and Printers'.
3. You will see 'TigerGame Xbox Controller' listed, right click on it.
4. Choose 'Game Controller Settings'.
5. Now choose Properties.
6. Click on controller mode and change it to 'Analog' or 'Digital' or in some cases 'Flight'. You'll have to adjust as you go and test what works best but in my case here 'Analog' worked. Click 'Apply' after any change and it should now all test out fine in there.


Once you get all the above completed. It's important to now LEAVE the xbox controller plugged in, and do a cold shutdown of the computer and while the computer is off totally (NOT SLEEP MODE) unplug the controller. I have found some computers will get stuck booting after bios when this controller/USB mod is plugged in. Don't worry, once Windows is back, just plug in the controller again.
(try to remember not to reboot or leave it plugged in all the time and only leave it plugged in when you are using it)

Once you have it all setup and have done the cold reboot you are now ready to make use of the controller in the software of choice. 

If you wish to use this controller as an Xbox 360 controller (most games work) it will require the use of the below emulation program. 
(32bit games need 32bit version / 64bit games need 64bit version / both are included below)
They are stand-alone EXE files and require no installation. 

To use: Run this program once from the game executable directory, configure it, click 'save' button, then close the program. Leave a copy of the EXE there in the game folder.
(make copies and place the EXE in whatever game folders you need to config emulation for and do the same thing as above)

To remove: Delete x360ce.* files, xbox360cemu.ini (if used) and dinput8.dll (if used) from game executable directory.


That's it. Enjoy!

The above was edited and adjusted for Windows 10 use by: ThyPentacle / and was tested on two Windows 10 systems with no problems. (both 64bit)

Many thanks to all the creative types out there that got this controller working on Windows 7/8/64bit/32bit/Win10/etc. All the information gathered all over the net helped me finally get this thing to work and put together the information above to maybe help others do this more easily without much hassle.