All of these are by me. I generally write when overly happy or melancholy... tends to show in the style I think. Please don't copy or otherwise repost.


Life is not random nor is it chaotic
There is order found by those methodic
You need only seek it... to find peace
To be ahead of the game, and at ease

but do so quickly as you live your life
Waste not a moment on lower concerns or strife
Time has no compassion and will not bow down
There is no escape from its merciless frown

Make it work for you and be not against
Take the power of fate into your own hands
The universe shall grant all those that know
Everything deserved; you reap what you sow

Final Hope

while I may travel far, and think to know
all the secrets of heaven, or of below
to none alive are given such eyes to see
all those things which will forever be

pain of hope's death throes, deep within
the sense of tranquil doom begins again...
life feeling as a cage with no door
flesh traps a soul that wants to soar  

to my one true home, above all this
as having previously been, and of it miss
inner light opens my eyes to see the way    
I reserve the hope left, for my final day

so no matter the darkness ahead, or behind
to the beauty of the moment, I must now bind
the past no longer exists, nor is of thought
future for all shall come as it is wrought


For the Angels in Heaven I write these words
My eternal soul you protect, from evil's sword
I claim not to know the full details of your nature
Nor of how you exist while in your Heavenly stature

Only that within you is purity, no malice, nor lie
And your love for God's children, that shall never die
Divine light shines upon you, in its purest state
Unclouded by weakness, sin, or worst of all hate

You look upon Earth below with a sincere caring gaze
Rejoicing when one of us finds God's saving grace
How the Archangel's wings spread wide in glorious flight
Just know my love for you is as this, given with delight

Hope that somehow these thoughts will find you well
Fills me with joy and satisfaction, to simply tell
My appreciation for your loyalty to God, and good above
You have my undying gratitude for your everlasting love

Of all humanity... may we one day rise and be as you.

For All Fallen Angels (Demons)

In the distant past you were once part of One
Now divided from all Good above... shunned
Cast far below and locked from Heaven's Gate
What hope have you there, in your fallen state?

Now on your task to divide us from all Good Grace
The innocent you set out, to make Hell their fate
Upon the weak, wounded, or ignorant, you thrive well
Seeking out those desperate, with Souls to sell

Bitter and scornful and with fierce vengeful stare
You look at Humanity with a jealous constant glare
Your power now limited, mostly full of anger and hate
What hope have you there, in your fallen state?

You, the only true enemies of all Good and the Human Race
Are still part of Creation, given the gift of life's face
Brought into being with the same right to be, as is all
In you lies the Evil that must exist, in order to fall

That part of you that still contains the Breath of Life
May be just enough to bring redemption, if you strive
I'm here to pose a question, with an answer you can't negate
What hope have you there, in your fallen state?

Though I claim not great wisdom in any way here and now 
Accept my concern for you, and calm your angry brow
Even if you take my words lightly with an uncaring scoff
You shall now know the answer to the question I have wrought

For the hope you have, as stated by this sincere lamentation
Is a true believer's love, and prayer for your salvation
True hope, forgiveness, and love to you I now bestow 
Equal measure as Heaven's Angels above, to you below

May you receive divine forgiveness, and the redemption it brings
Nevermore bearing the terrible burden of hatred's stings
God can save any, so I pray you decide to make this choice
and be lifted from the darkness into light, again to rejoice

May the fallen be lifted back home.

Hold Fast

A change is coming, at least for me
But it's not what is expected to be
In the future, the lifting of the haze
Many will soon find their true way

Some will look upon these alterations
As random acts and strange aberrations
A few who see shall know the root of things
Fewer still shall rise, upon Heavenly wings

The full detail of the times soon to pass
Given to none... is a Divine looking glass
Just keep your faith strong and on truth rely
For only those who stray from this path die

Rule of Life

As the feather in the wind blows
We struggle to control were we go
Instead of flowing freely as we should
Attempting full control, as if we could

There is a choice to be made, the final step
One can't force it upon any, and to all it is kept
The rule of life in this realm has been delt
Your mind is the key to the universe in itself

Gifts of all creation in your power to be given
You need only follow your path... you are forgiven 
Just what is it you want? Do you yet even know?
It is all available to you now... it can be made so

Everything you think about, is as a sign post of your mind
Read by the universe, it shall follow in suit... the sign
It is this limited manner in which we are granted control
All of it is here for everyone with the wisdom to know 

Let one however, keep this in mind, and see
There is only one true path that leads to your destiny
Unsensible thought and doubt will split the way ahead
Every single attempt to attain completion, halted dead

Go forward only on the path of truth and right
Don't look back to the past or in any way fight
Not even looking forward for it shall live itself
Exist in the now and understand... it's all in yourself


Let the fates of the universe watch over me
I will not fear my final breath of life
My mind is the key to all things I desire
Imagination will create for me, the guiding light

My dreams will become my reality
All my fears will be swiftly subdued
In the darkness of death I shall find my way
So shall be the new beginning, on that glorious day

Strength of heart and soul is all I require
I cast off all doubt and other sorts of mire
Of all things known to me, this much is sure
Upon that day, my soul shall be freed forever more

To roam the countless eons of perpetual existence
Remembering to cherish every moment without any penitence
Limitations will no longer be part of the equation
From that place, nothing's beyond the realm of my own creation

Madness and Reality

Madness my friend how well you I know 
You travel with me no matter where I go 
My companion in life who always reminds me 
No matter what I perceive, it may not be 

What is real but that which I believe is so? 
Who can realize the truth of anything to know? 
Is there any way to escape the mind's own doubts? 
Madness, you remind me I cannot do this without... 

your affirmations of comparison of null and here 
The knowledge of questioning makes things more real 
One can say if it feels real then reality follows 
Feeling, being the first step of how true belief goes 

Madness has taught me a long and difficult lesson 
I have risen above and must make only this confession 
If anyone ever asks me just how I at this moment feel 
The world around me will follow in my reply; "real"

Dark Stalkers

They sneak behind you like invisible shadows
They whisper into your ears the darkest values
They watch with eyes of constant gazing stare
They wait with the patience of gods with no care

You know not the enemies that surround your soul
You carry on as if your life has no true final goal
You have no concern for those things you can't conceive
You think nothing exists beyond that which is believed

We shall one day realize the fault of all our ways
We fall more into the abyss towards our final days
We reach out subconsciously from our inner deepest core
We desire from our hearts for our souls to be restored

Father save us from the eternal darkness that surrounds
Father help all hear Your Word in the white noise abound
Father lift up the souls of the ones that find Your light
Father have mercy on those that fall below out of Your sight

They will attempt to block your progress at every turn
You must endure the suffering and open your heart to learn
We can still defeat the dark stalkers that follow us about
Father protect those seeking You and remove from them all doubt 

I have learned and traveled far in the realm of chaos and grief
I live in a world removed from grace, but my time here is brief
I can be raised above the fallen; the rules are carved in stone
I can't achieve this goal nor earn it with my own merritt alone


Curiosity, loyalty, and selflessness are traits we share
Though sometimes about ourselves, we do not care
There's a certain tragic nature to our disposition
Complete devotion to another seems to be our mission

Though traveling the road called life in such a way
It's hard to find happiness within ourselves, on any day
Relentlessly fighting with a need that we can't negate
To find that special someone, the one, a soulmate

All that I have, I gladly give to you as well
My will, my heart, and all else entailed
So fear not the void of darkness you dwell
You shall be freed to catch the wind, and sail

Across the waters of indifference, love, and hate
To experience the joy of existence, for your own sake
My mind will wish for you, until you have the means
To fulfill your own desires and dreams

Imagination is the key to achieve these things
Nothing is out of reach by pulling its strings
I won't be limited by reality, or the mundane
And by God, you will never suffer the same

So I shall see you in that mysterious place
Where there are no boundaries or limits to break
In the infinity of imagination, dreams, and thought
You can always find me, more often than not

Follow Your Heart

To all who wonder when and where
They will find love or those who care
I say to you this one important fact
You will get nothing if you do not act

On your wants, needs, and lingering dreams
Trust in them fully and deny not these things
Let your heart roam free to its final place
To the center of all beauty, love, and grace

Overcome the issues of mistrust and malice
Towards doubtful goals and happenstance
Let go of your fear and jump blindly ahead
For fate does favor the foolish in all respects

If your heart leads you on to your true desires
The journey will not be false nor bound in mires
And if only failures come to you on your noble path
Remember the lessons they teach and continue to act

False Front

Gleeful and happy though you seem to be
But underneath, there is much misery
Hide it, pretend, do whatever you will
In time your efforts will always be nil

Going through the day with your fake smile
Most of those around you fooled by the guile
But those that truly know what happiness is
Won't be fooled at all, and will know this

Happiness being a simple and easy thing
Needing few ingredients to make it sing
It takes so little effort to make it fly
Less work than even that you spend to lie 

Contentment with humility added just right
No arrogance or pride to cloud your sight
Being a state of mind, once had, an obsession 
Happiness is not just a facial expression

Love Refound

Through hard times and lonely paths
We struggle along, taking with us our past
In things long ago, sometimes haunting regret lays
Hoping to discover a way to live with them, along our way

Trying not to think upon it, moving forward worry free
At least at first seeming so, but not meant to be
Eating at us slowly, at the very core of human depth
The inner self screaming silently, its anguish well kept

Many never finding that one thing to complete their soul
Some finding, then losing, that which they did know
For the rest of life, they try to get back that now gone
Others giving up and just waiting, for life to be done

All things happen for reasons we're rarely granted to see
Through all the pain, or even joy, depending on each being
Experience teaching us, wisdom gained, onward ever seeking
Surrender not your will, dreams can be had... keep reaching!

Time is Now

Goodbye, yesterday
There is nothing left to say
But know this one solid thing
Glad I won't live you again

Hello today, you're my friend
I love your daily ongoing trend
Holding in the moment of each day
This I would have no other way

What of you there, the future time
I worry not of your own line
Of your concerns, those I shall quell
There is no gain, on you to dwell

Death to Life

Did you ever really wonder why
Everything is destined to one day die
And if you did, what did you find?
There is an answer there to see
Hard to track down, but there indeed

To all things made there is transition
Or at least that's my rendition

Love is not the key like some do say
It's not good deeds that pave the way
For this is what I learned and know
Even a rose with thorns will grow

True Faith is Earned

Haunting memories of days long since past
Bittersweet moments not meant to last
Drifting, roaming, no direction or goals
The journey to nowhere slowly unfolds

In the distance a light, just out of reach
Longing to be surrounded by it, to find retreat
Kept from illumination by simple lack of faith
I want so much to find a way to believe

You stretch your hand out to me, yet I still can’t see
How there can be in humanity, any grace… only deceit
My desire for more, for a purpose, for hope itself
Pushes me forward through all the sickening grief

Beaten and bloodied upon the shores of doubt
Crying desperately to discover some way out
The icy grip of darkness engulfing my soul
Screams of demons in the empty space around

My flesh clawed… teeth clamping down upon me
Time running out, no hope left… I fall down to my knees
Throwing myself to the cruel nature of fate
Nothing left of my sanity; all I have left is self-hate

NO, this will not lead me the truthful way
Reason and logic will not serve me this day
Damn fate and the chaos of random event
Only faith in something larger will grant fulfillment

I must make the leap, no turning back from this
Closing my eyes slowly, I jump into the abyss 
Falling deeper… so cold… I feel myself slow
Eyes opening… briefly blinded by your glow

My soul now full as if fed after starvation
I thank you for my life, my soul, and my salvation
Trusting in you fully, I now surely know
Never will I be alone no matter where I go

God be with you all.