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Proxomitrion is a universal web filter and proxy application that can be set to filter the web however you wish. It acts as a proxy between you and any HTTP connection. 
(SSL is sent to passthru, and is not filtered by default. There is little need to filter a secure connection in most cases.)

Be sure you understand what a proxy is and how to set your browser or LAN to use the correct HTTP port. (HTTP - localhost:8080 / HTTPS - localhost:8080) Note also, that while this software can use external proxies, there is little need to use this feature on the Internet as it is now, so it is off by default. This program's primary features of use are the web filtering aspects and to function as the localhost proxy.

The Proxomitron.EXE file itself has a tiny HEX edit to correct the 'RWIN stuck' issue, but otherwise is untouched from its original form dated 6-1-2003! A couple DLLs have been updated, and an updated filter set is included to get you started.

To use the filter set page menu, left click any empty area of a normal HTTP connected page and locate the green circled triangle button that should show up on the lower right corner of the page... again, SSL is not filtered.
(Any important information, such as what Proxomitron has blocked on a page, will normally show in the lower left corner of filtered pages.)

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