Be smoke free like me... save your money and your life.

Vaping is a far safer alternative that's just as enjoyable as smoking once you are used to the change. Just be certain to get medium+ quality devices that you can depend on, then find a nice juice you like with the nicotine levels desired.
You start saving money nearly instantly! 
Initial costs for kits such as those below vary, my total costs for my current kit and a three month supply of juice to vape on, was about $75. 
(Cost of cigarettes avoided in those months would have been about $600!)
Once you have the equipment, it's good for at least a year, with only atomizer head replacement about once a month being needed, and those are cheap. From then on you only need to buy the juice, which in my case is only about one 30ml bottle a month, at a cost of $14. Sometimes I use a couple bottles a month, but that's still only $28. (Less than cost of ONE carton of cigs.)

This is my current gear, but there are many other options available.

The battery is a high quality twist style Vapros Nunchaku Variable Wattage 2000mah that lasts me a solid day of high use on one charge. Atomizer heads are 1.5ohm, which I vape around 14 watts. T
he tank is a Vapros V-spot with Pyrex glass. 
(Be sure to get tanks with glass as some juices crack plastic.)

It's worth it to yourself to at least give it a shot before deciding. So go out there and find a cheap kit or even a disposable eCig to test out for a while. You may find it the perfect solution to get off the Coffin Nails. ;)

Here's a couple sources for equipment and juices to get you started. (I use them both.)